Are doodles art?

The other day I was on the phone and when I’d finished the conversation, I realised I’d been doodling because I just happened to have a pen and piece of paper in front of me – I wasn’t really thinking about the lines I was drawing on the page. See below to see close-ups of some doodles (these particular ones were quite small so I thought I’d enlarge them). Anyway, this prompted me to do a quick search on the internet regarding doodles, and it seems there is quite a lot out there about them. I’m not so interested in the analysis of doodles – I’m sure someone could look at mine and start deducing how disturbed my mind is! Instead, I’m just looking at whether they are an art form, and how they work as an art form, and looking at them from aesthetic point-of-view. I’ve posted just a couple of the websites and links that were interesting in relation to this subject below, but there are many more links on the internet.

Doodle definition:

verb – scribble absent-mindedly

noun – a rough drawing made absent-mindedly

My doodles

Some of my recent doodles done while talking on the telephone (these are close-ups):

Doodle 1
Doodle 2
Doodle 3
Doodle 4
Doodle 5

Links and more information

Link to Wikipedia about doodling: – there are many other links and examples of doodling that can be found on the internet – I might blog some of the best ones over time.

I might buy this: Great Gizmos Doodling Robot to take the strain out of needing creating my own doodles (but it isn’t really the point, since one of the nice things about doodles is knowing that they are created spontaneously and randomly by a human!)

Over to you / contribute

Have you done some interesting doodles? I’d love to see them, and you can share them with others here. What do you think about doodles and doodling?
This is the start of a new little section called doodles. I will blog some more doodles if and when they happen (one can never know exactly when or where – after all most doodles are completely random and/or spontaneous!)