Every now-and-then I have a character pop into my head, and then I like to draw it…

Say ‘Hello’ to Thomas the Tortoise!

He’s not like other tortoises because he’ll always come out of his shell really quickly to greet you! He loves meeting everyone, and always has a few wise words to say. He likes to take his time doing most things and do them well. Because he likes to take his time, he often ‘misses the boat’ (or the bus or train or the point) but he doesn’t mind because it give him more time to stop a while and just appreciate the things around him. He takes a little longer than his friends over most things – except when he’s frightened, at which point he’ll be the first to disappear as quick as a flash – but only as far as into his shell!

Say ‘Hello’ to Pippa the Pumpkin!

Pippa the Pumpkin is worried…VERY worried! Normally she is bright and friendly, but she just met some of her friends, and they were all really nasty today and made her frightened. Now she’s all of a bother because she’s just remembered what day of the year it is! She’s never ever liked Halloween…not once, and would prefer if everyone would choose not to dress up horribly, or change their faces to look nasty. She doesn’t go out on Halloween, because she’s heard it’s especially dangerous for pumpkins to go out in the dark on this night as they turn all nasty. Pippa isn’t like them – she doesn’t feel she has to follow the crowd or be like all her friends – she prefers to be different and keep safe from all the nastiness – especially the things that lurk in the shadows and darkness all around. She loves being in places which are full of light and brightness – just like her. She knows that when she finds a place full of light on this night, that’s where there will be no fright.

Say ‘Hello’ to Brian the Ball!

He’s always bouncy and full of beans when he greets you. He loves to play games that involve bouncing, throwing and catching especially when he’s on a roll and winning! He doesn’t like games involving rackets, bats or dogs! In fact, he is particularly scared of dogs, and always tries to hide or escape – sometimes people help him to escape, but he’s found out that dogs are really pretty good at finding and fetching things!

Say ‘Hello’ to Bernard the Book!

He’s full of fun and always uses 20 words when one will do. He’s never short of a story to tell about his day. It’s not always easy to read him though because he’s often said that his mind is like a blank page ready to be jammed full of knowledge, imagination, laughter and life!

Say ‘Hello’ to Simon the Snail!

Say ‘Hello’ to Simon the Snail. He always takes his time over things, and loves focusing on the details. He travels slowly at his own pace (his friends call it the snail’s pace), but he’s clever because he always halves every journey by taking his entire house on his back everywhere he goes so unlike many of his friends, he doesn’t need to turn around to go all the way back home! He’ll greet you with a cheerful smile…eventually, and he’ll always take his time to carefully think about what he is going to say next. He’s never worried about getting lost because his friends have said that they know where to find him because he’s always very helpful and leaves a trail which they can follow.

Say ‘Hello’ to Dylan the Dog!

Say ‘Hello’ to Dylan the dog! He’s not very demanding at all, just very friendly, faithful and affectionate. He finds everything fun and exciting, and he’ll always greet you with lots of enthusiasm, bright eyes and a wagging tail! But, you’ll soon learn that if he appears with a ball in his mouth then you’ll absolutely have to drop whatever you are doing, no matter how important it is, and play RIGHT NOW – unless of course it turns out there’s something more important for him to do like eat or sleep – or hope that this time will be the very first time he is finally able to catch his own tail!

Say ‘Hello’ to Clarissa the Cloud!

She’ll always greet you with a hug and tell you how happy she is to see you with a word of encouragement. She has been known to shed more than a tear or two at the littlest, but nicest things. She’s a true daydreamer – her head is always in the clouds! She loves having fantastical and whimsical ideas and floating around for the next big adventure!

Say ‘Hello’ to Sidney & Sylvester!

They’re always happy about the simple things in life – like eating grass and following each other all day round in circles! However, they do have a tendancy to follow the crowd, and if they see Dylan the Dog, they’ll run in the other direction. They also don’t particularly like wooly jumpers – except their own, which they are very attached to! Right now, they’re just happy to see you!

Say ‘Hello’ to Maurice the Mouse!

The one, the only, original character – Morris the Mouse! Where it all started! He’s a happy chap, and you’ll always find him sniffing out cheese. He loves the cheese with holes in, because he can hide from any cats! Maurice likes the little things in life, and he’s very quiet a lot of the time – in fact, all his friends say that he is really rather good at being quiet as a mouse!