Here’s a couple of simple typography solutions I produced for displaying a Bible verse. These actually ended up as part of a bookmark design.

The Lord speaks; many, many women spread the good news (Psalm 68:11, NET)
Bible Verse Typography


Here’s another one I did a while ago in a more ‘traditonal’ style.

bible verse


Other inspiring Bible verse typography

This prompted me to take a quick look on the internet and see what others have been doing in terms of inspiring Bible verse typography. I discovered there’s a lot out there! Below are just a few examples to get you started.
Start a search on Google here.
On Pinterest:
56 beautiful typographic Bible quotes – You can buy these ones if you like!


Encourage someone with an eCard or wallpaper:

One such site offering these is
Ecards: Cross Cards – eCards for encouragement or wallpapers: Cross Cards wallpapers


…there’s loads more inspiration and sites offering eCards on the web, just search for ‘bible verse typography examples’ or ‘Christian ecards’ or ‘christian wallpapers’ – or comment below if you know of other good sources of inspiration! Many thanks.